“Mysticism is the immediate experience of Ultimate Universal Unity”
-Dr Jonn Mumford


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Keys to Karma: 12 Lessons in Freedom
Mind Magic — Stress Reduction for the 21st Century
Om Kara Kriya® Year 1
Om Kara Kriya® Year 2

Om Kara Kriya® Graduate Courses

Tattwas: The Five Elements of Creation
Sound Mind-Sound Body: Mantra and Nada Yoga
Chakra-Kundalini Online

Keys to Karma: 12 Lessons in Freedom

Price: $350.00

New Course – Open to All
Learn the secrets of Karma from a traditionally initiated teacher, whose unique perspective is informed by years of practice and training in Eastern philosophy and Western psychology.

This transformational course is designed for anyone who understands that the unexamined life is not worth living. Over a minimum of twelve weeks, you will develop tools for untangling yourself from the labyrinth of action and reaction.

Our Western mystery school offers authentic Eastern teachings in a format and context that is suitable for modern students regardless of background.

Keys to Karma is a correspondence course comprised of twelve lessons. It is conducted entirely by email. Dr. Mumford reads and responds to each assignment with your individual circumstances in mind. The program culminates in a nine-day Karma clearing process, guided by Dr. Mumford, that will take you deep into your own psyche and help you become a freer human being.

In addition, you will:

  • Become well-versed in the doctrine of Karma, its forms, and its esoteric meaning
  • Gain insight into the role emotion plays in creating Karma
  • Learn to mitigate the Karmic impact of your actions and to reduce accrued Karma
  • Develop skills for changing the course of your Karma
  • Receive a complete exposition of the traditional SO HUM Gayatri meditation, a profound technique that combines inner purification and deep relaxation

$350.00 (U.S.)

Mind Magic — Stress Reduction for the 21st Century

Price: $150.00

Open to All

In this, 4 week program, Dr. Jonn Mumford introduces you to a mental reconditioning technique that took him more than a decade to develop. Mind Magic merges the best elements of Eastern and Western psychology in an original and innovative way that is suitable for experienced practitioners and novices alike. Dr. Mumford calls this a CRAM course in the literal sense of the word. CRAM is the facilitation of Concentration, Relaxation, Attitudinal Change and Meditation, and the course will do just that — improve your concentration skills, your relaxation response, your ability to change your attitudes, and your general meditative skills.

“Instead of being hassled when things go wrong, I show the people around me that I can make one of my hands warm and the other cold instead of getting upset.” Suzanne, Management Consultant

“I used to feel the blood rising in my face and think I was about to burst with anger, now I concentrate on sending the blood to my hands instead.” Geoff, Payroll Officer

Mind Magic is a dynamic program developed to provide you with the keys to unwinding stress, controlling circulation and learning autogenic temperature control techniques. Dr. Mumford will guide you through the exercises and give you personal feedback on your practice.

$150.00 (U.S.)

Om Kara Kriya® Year 1

Price: $350.00

Open to All

Dr. Jonn Mumford has spent a lifetime studying and practicing Tantra, Kriya and Yoga, and the Om Kara Kriya® courses contain the essence of his life’s work. It is a systematic and straightforward method for training yourself in authentic Tantra with the guidance of a Western master. No prior experience is necessary; the courses are designed to work with inner energy and do not require a high level of physical fitness.

The Kriyas of the Om Kara Kriya® system originate in Bengal and ours is the only Western school authorized to teach them. In 1958, they were transmitted to Dr. Mumford by Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj whose Guru was the Bengali Tantric Srilla Sri Kanakananda Swamigal.

The Om Kara Kriya® courses, including the preliminary practices for the Kriyas themselves, also draw on Dr. Mumford’s training with Paramhansa Satyananda Saraswati, as well as his profound knowledge of Western occultism, anatomy and physiology. As a result, the courses are rooted in tradition but well-suited to students from a variety of backgrounds.

Assignments are completed over a 7-14 day period and returned via email. Dr. Mumford responds with feedback usually within 24 hours and often within six hours or less.

New material is emailed to you when you complete your assignment. This is very much a self-paced program. You may take up to 2 years to complete each year of the OM Kara Kriya® and a year each for the Graduate courses.

The first year program will provide you with a solid foundation in Tantric Kriya and includes instruction in the first three Kriyas of the Om Kara Kriya® system. Year 2 Includes instruction in the fourth Kriya (the final two may only be transmitted from Guru to Chela, mouth to ear).

Year 1 includes an in-depth, experiential journey through the Chakras. The material is presented in a unique, systematic way that makes the subject matter come alive and will enable you to integrate it within the framework of your life.

The First Year Work Includes:

  • The Perpetual motion of Anahata
  • The Tantric Altar
  • Vishuddi: The Alchemical Factory
  • Sahasrara Chakra:The Palace of Letters
  • The Hidden Reflex Map of Chakra Trigger Points
  • The Eye of Cyclops
  • Kundalini: Muladhara’s Secret Serpent
  • The Volcano Within
  • The Psychic Passages of Kriya Yoga
  • The Secret Chakra Trigger Points
  • Om Kara Kriya® Agnisaara*
  • Om Kara Kriya® 1, 2, and 3 are taught in the last semester of the 1st year.

*Om Kara Kriya® Agnisaara is taught at the beginning of the second Semester Year 1. This “Fire Breath” method is a classic mood elevator, energizing the body, enlivening the psychic sheaths, and stimulating the gastro-intestinal tract. Combining this powerful technique with Om Kara Kriya® hleps students gain control over psychic energy levels.

“Here in Slovenia my students who are tamasic, lack will and have Kapha dominant, say that Agnisaara is a lifesaver.” — Yoga Teacher, Europe.

The objectives and structure of this course emphasize a traditional relationship between teacher and student with concern for your personal needs.The goal is transformation through experiment and original teaching method,

$350.00 (U.S.) per year (three-nine week trimesters and 27 lessons).

Om Kara Kriya® Year 2

Price: $350.00
Other highlights of Year 2 Include:

  • Hasta Mudras
  • Numerology of the Spine
  • Om Kara Kriya® Healing
  • Marma Chikitsa (Tantric Pressure Point Therapy)
  • Fractional Relaxation
  • Correspondences and Signatures
  • Oral Trigger Points
  • Chakra Breathing and Powerful Auxiliary Meditative Techniques

A diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of the second year, and graduates will be considered for listing on our teachers page.

$350.00 (U.S.) per year


Tattwas: The Five Elements of Creation

Price: $350.00

Open to Graduates of Om Kara Kriya® Year 2

The Magical Tattwas, an ancient Indian tool similar to Western Tarot, represent existence by using five specific shapes and five specific colors to form twenty-five combinations. The Magical Tattwas are a tool for cultivating control, mastery, a deeper understanding of life, and for enhancing your ability to deal with changes.


In this course, you will learn a potent technique for developing clairvoyance. Scrying is the ability to divine correct future outcomes by eliciting unconscious intuitions, and it can be used to assist in making optimal decisions leading to optimal outcomes.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn developed a similar combination of geometry and color in England more than a century ago. Dr. Mumford’s method combines the best of East and West, and with the help of modern printing technology, the elemental colors are brought to you in a dazzling kaleidoscope of fluorescent inks that vividly flash, strobe and scintillate, impacting your unconscious with psychic bullets.

This is a powerful method for day-to-day life management that has never before been revealed in its entirety. The Magical Tattwas provide a foundation for personal development and relationship clarification by presenting the opportunity to tune in to universal wisdom whenever required.

In this graduate level correspondence course, Dr. Mumford provides the inner keys to students who wish to master the secrets of the Magical Tattwas.

“I would strongly recommend Dr Jonn Mumford’s Magical Tattwas course for any student of the Western Mystery Tradition, practitioners of Yoga and Tantra or for anyone interested in developing a spiritually integrated personality through meditating on the five great elements (Pancha Maha Bhutas) and developing their uses as powerful divinatory tools.’ – Yogacharya Devidasan Giri, Australia

Available exclusively to graduates of the two-year Om Kara Kriya®; Course, Magical Tattwas features 9 lessons and over two hundred pages of fresh information and supplements in PDF format, including a revised version of Dr. Mumford’s out-of-print and highly coveted Magical Tattwas and an accompanying set of cards. As always, you will be studying under the personal guidance of Dr. Jonn Mumford.

“What a fully dynamic course packed full of condensed information. Let me not forget the inner alchemy that was a priceless gift, thank you.” PeLeMa, USA

More information about the book and system “Magical Tattwas” is available at:

$350 (U.S.)

Sound Mind-Sound Body: Mantra and Nada Yoga

Price: $350.00

You must be the change you wish to see.
~Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

Open to Graduates of Om Kara Kriya® Year 2
The secrets of Mantra – the systematic use of sound vibrations to bring about physical, psychic and psychological changes presented in 9 lessons. Based on 35 years of research by Dr. Jonn Mumford this course gives the origin of all modern so-called toning methods with original experiments and techniques not available anywhere else. The dynamic use of the Sanskrit vowels (Skr. Swara or Heaven) combined with the ng and m vibrations (Skr. Anuswara or little heaven) produces Power Mantras.

The first four lessons are devoted to Spiritual transformation through Bhramari Mudra, Surya Shabd Kriya, and Nada Yoga. These intensive practices sensitize the student to gross and subtle sound, leading to the emergence of archetypal images and suppressed-repressed material (Samskaras literally Psychic Scars) from the unconscious and facilitating deep rejuvenation meditation states.

The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn, and change.
~ Carl R. Rogers

Lessons #5 to #9 focus on infrasonic, sonic, and ultrasonic vibrations, revealing the keys to vibrant health through the magic of chanting to both vivify the physical body and enchant the mind, using the Bija mantras and the vowel combinations found in the classical Gayatri Mantra.

“Man-Tra” translates as “Mind Tool” and the mind masters the body!
Vowels are energy packets turning your skeletal system into a living tuning fork.

Just as Infrasound may be used to pulverize Kidney stones and Ultrasound may be utilized to increase circulation, so each vowel has a specific area of the skeletal system which bounces back rather like Sonar mapping an ocean floor.

Mantra Chikitsa (healing) is the hidden door to becoming sound as a bell and making sound decisions.

The final lessons of this course lead the student to an original way of developing and practicing Psychokinesis or Telekinesis through audible sound vibration.

“The Sound Mind Sound Body course, is chock-full of fascinating techniques that take you on a joy ride through your body. At times it felt like I was experiencing an amusement park ride for the first time! I was particularily stunned by learning through feeling that the physical and esoteric anatomies are really the same. This course has become one of my greatest Tantric treasures. “ — Bruce, B.A., M.A., Los Angeles, CA, USA

This is a doing course for those who truly desire change and mastery.

Sound Mind-Sound Body: Mantra and Nada Yoga: A doorway to transformation, meditation, and physical wellbeing for the serious seeker.

“I found Dr. Mumford’s Mantra course to be extremely beneficial on a number of levels. It is amazing how the mantras enable you to actually feel or become aware of the inner parts and organs of your body. As a singer and musician I found it particularly rewarding. It is not only an excellent exercise in itself of improving tone, pitch and timbre in the voice, but it also develops a real insight into how much the voice and sound influence human emotion and well being.” — Robert B.A., Dip Ed. Melbourne, Australia

$350 (U.S.)

Chakra-Kundalini Online (CKO)

Price: $350.00

Open only to graduates of Om Kara Kriya® Year 1 ,Om Kara Kriya® Year 2 , Tattwas: The Five Elements of Creation, Sound Mind-Sound Body: Mantra and Nada Yoga , Keys to Karma: 12 Lessons in Freedom , and Dr. Mumford’s discretion. Acceptance is based solely upon an estimate of benefit or readiness of the student for this work. Please contact Dr. Mumford for approval before enrolling.

CKO is an in-depth study of the esoteric principles underpinning Dr. Mumford’s teachings.

Topics include:

  • The hidden Kriyas behind the physical techniques described in A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook
  • Advanced Tran(s)ce(dental) and Yoga Nidra techniques
  • Pranic Charging, Pranic Healing, and Prana Vidya
  • Advanced Mudra for charging the hands
  • PSI and Psychotronic experiments utilizing the natural Prana exuded from the hands
  • Magnetic Relaxation and Meditation orientation according to the secret principles of Vastu.
  • Occult use of the mirror for Tratak in the Hindu tradition.
  • Psychic acceleration of attention and intention skills
  • Exploring the “Self” through Yoga as psychophysiology
  • The Secret use of the Marma points.

Required Texts:

A Chakra & Kundalini Workbook (link opens in new window)
Yoga Nidra CD – Click here to purchase (link opens in new window)

$350 (U.S.)