“Mysticism is the immediate experience of Ultimate Universal Unity”
-Dr Jonn Mumford

About Dr. Jonn Mumford

Dr. Jonn Mumford wrote his first book “Psychosomatic Yoga” in 1961 while completing an intensive period of yogic study in India. His current books include the bestselling “Ecstasy Through Tantra” (1988), “A Chakra and Kundalini Workbook” (1994), “Magical Tattwa Cards” (1997), “Mind Magic Kit” (1998), “Death: Beginning or End?” (1999) and “Karma Manual” (1999) from Llewellyn Publications; they have been translated into many languages and are available world-wide.

Dr. Mumford is a direct disciple of Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri GuruMaharaj (South India). He was initiated by Swami Satyananda Saraswati into Sannyasa as Swami Anandakapila Saraswati at the Bihar School of Yoga, Bihar, India in 1973. He renounced that title in 2014. Dr. Mumford is known and respected around the world for his knowledge, scholarship, dynamic teaching style and extensive practical experience in Kriya Yoga, Jyotish and Tantra.

His renowned 1975 book “Sexual Occultism” (later revised and issued as “Ecstasy Through Tantra”) was among the very first books to introduce Westerners to traditional, left-hand Tantra from the perspective of an initiate. This book and Dr. Mumford’s public teaching at Llewellyn Publications’ 1976 Gnosticon conference inspired an entire generation of Western Tantra teachers. Llewellyn

Swami Nirmalananda (left), a young Anandakapila (center), and Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj (right), Australia, 1968

Swami Nirmalananda (left), a young Dr. Mumford (center), and Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj (right), Australia, 1968

His diverse background includes training in chiropractic and psychology, many years of practice as an osteopathic physician, advanced training in a wide range of Eastern disciplines, and many years of teaching in Australia, India and the United States. This depth and breadth of experience makes Dr. Mumford uniquely qualified to communicate the secrets of Tantra to the Western world. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia.

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Dr. Mumford demonstrating Mantra Anesthesia

Dr. Mumford demonstrating Mantra Anesthesia